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  we ushered in the long-awaited xx yearof the spring festival.

  year on thiday, i got up early, put on new clothes, and mom and dad go to the supermarket to buthings. i saw on the street people wear festive costumes, all covered with a beaming smile on hiface.

  decorating everywhere in the shop, still hang red lanterns, the gate ion the red coupletand pictureof taurus, the crowd of shopping in the supermarket wajammed. we joined the people shopping, bought a varietof delicious, want want package, chocolate, beverages, fruit, nuts, walnuts, beef jerky, banana slices... can i'm overwhelmed!

  in the evening, our familisurrounded sit together, eating a big familreunion dinner, are: steamed bass, crispfried chicken, mixed vegetable dishes, the chicken braise a mushroom, pulpbeverage, etc., and i love to eat a sausage, it'delicious! after dinner, we sat down on the soft sofa, watch the cctv spring festival gala, the small shenyang, zhao benshan opusculum the trip, we laughed in imperceptible in, the ringing of xx yearof deafening firecrackerechoed throughout, the colorful fireworkin the sklike a flower blooming, the boundlesnight wareflected aa work of the day.


  on the first dain the morning, i wafirecracker"wake up", the original iin the "towardgod of wealth"! the spring festival ireallbusand happy! also to receive mangiftand blessing, in the new year, i will be more effortto study, overcome varioudifficulties, achieve better results!




  晚上,我们一家人围坐在一起,吃着丰盛的年夜饭,有:清蒸鲈鱼、香酥鸡腿、素什锦菜、小鸡炖蘑菇、果粒橙饮料等等,还有我爱吃的香肠片儿,真是美味极了!吃完晚饭后,我们坐在柔软的沙发上,观看中央电视台的春节联欢晚会,其中小沈阳、赵本山的小品把我们笑得人仰马翻,在不知不觉中 xx年的钟声敲响了,震耳欲聋的鞭炮声响彻了神州大地,绚丽的烟花像鲜花一样在天空中绽放,把茫茫的黑夜映照得如同白昼一般。


  "to celebrate the spring festival" these sloganon television advertising often visible to, also it ithe slogan for the spring festival on the joyful atmosphere.

  everyone on the street before the spring festival shopping, bunew clothes, new shoeand so on, i also don't listed outside, i heard that thimeanthat the new year can look brand-new, have a good luck. i think the spring festival also haa good side and bad side, of course i长沙小儿癫痫病医院good for us, false put, lucrative. and for a cleaner, but hard a period in the new year. theincrease in the number of garbage to clean a lot during the spring festival. in fact along awe are happnot to break thingand throw thingat the same time, we "don't put your happinesbased on others' pain." onlin thiwacan make cleaneralso accomplish "to celebrate the spring festival".

  when we are celebrating the spring festival ", those who sweepwheeled vehicle, carefullclean up the street, carrying a broom in road fireworkoff the remainof a garbage ieverywhere. these workerbusy, clean all bent down to pick up garbage. when i see such a scene, i thought after the cleaning workerpick up must be vertired. the holidayalso ireallhard to do so tired! so we all can do it consciouslwhen fireworks, so our sweepcan also get "to celebrate the spring festival".

  day, our whole familwent to hangzhou, where citizenare more compliant, in busstreetthecan handle the garbage into the trash can, although there are individual person still can't do that, but mhometown - keqiao hacertain gap. although these yearkeqiao have great progresthan before, but i think inot enough, must strengthen education, again onlstrong education ito improve the waof people'environmental consciousness.

武汉市癫痫病医院在哪儿  i hope that next year'spring festival, we are all civilized people, can make the cleanerare also reallenjothe "celebrating the spring festival".






  the color of the street ialso much more colorful than usual. see every, all kindof businessignand unfurled a banner. store the door hang red lanterns, each glance at let a person heart war blue sky, the hidden colorful balloonin the sun igorgeouand dazzing. a breeze through, the size of balloon wind dance, aif to greet passers-bnodded again.

  mall happfrolic scene through bright glasdoorand windows, into the eyeof passers-by, make the person involuntarilwith the color of p昆明看儿童癫痫病去哪里最好eople, into one of the the spring festival ithe festival of adult, it ithe children'festival, children'toys, books, stationercounter iunusuallbusy, the children to the wave and wave, and collect the beloved toys, leaving laughter.

  the home of the spring festival also different on weekdays, to stick on the door "f" word, have a meal to set off firecrackerand fireworktonight to, also look at the spring festival party. mealare also much more than usual, mom and dad, uncle aunt, grandma and grandpa together. the food on the table also fengshun fuxing more than ever, serve fish or fowl, delicacies. eat good food, everybodtogether chat saground, chat, drink tea, to talk to.

  the spring festival ireallbusah, i reallwant to celebrate the spring festival everday. but think about it, usuallialso athe spring festival.






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